The Impact of Giving

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Article - The Impact of Giving

Dec 13, 2023

Read about the impact of giving through the Regional Outreach and Shared Care Program, in this article written by The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation:

Rob Hines, the Victorian Director of the SCCF shared, “For regional families, travelling is such a big strain on not just the child with cancer, but also the parents and siblings. When we look at our reports and see the number of kids that are able to stay home and receive care, that’s the greatest single measure of success.”

“Cancer is a very tough time – and it’s hard for people to be over the moon about things. But it is very gratifying when you see someone who has every right to be hating the world, give you a smile,” Rob added.

The Regional Outreach and Shared Care Program ensures that kids all around Victoria have access to vital cancer care services.

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